25 Hours Hotel

The Royal Bavarian


The Location

Right opposite the central station The 25 Hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian is located in the very heart of the city. You can find it surrounded by historical buildings, cafés, bars and clubs and only a five minute walk away from the main shopping street in the most vibrant and raw part of Munich. In the past the stately building has been used as a royal telegraph station, and now it’s a meeting point for travellers and city explorers.


The Check-In

You have to walk up to the 1st floor or take the historical elevator to get to the reception. As you enter the lobby, you realise why it’s called the Royal Bavarian. The design is a mixture of modern elements inspired by the golden age of grand hotels mixed with allusions to the Bavarian culture. After checking in at the front desk, you can make your way up to your chamber.


The Rooms

There are 165 rooms of 5 different categories, such as the Servants’ Quarters, The Stately Rooms, The Royal Chambers, The Swan Suite and The Peacock Suite. The difference between the rooms is mainly the space you have. If you plan a city trip for two, the Servants’ Quarters will be perfectly fine. It’s 18 sqm and offers anything you need during your stay.

In the queen-sized bed you can calm down from an exhausting day in the city or you can enjoy a relaxing rain shower. Have something from the minibar and listen to your favourite kind of music with the UE Boom Bluetooth-speakers on every room. Looking out the window you have a great view of the urban neighbourhood.

If you plan to stay a little longer or simply need more space, the Stately Rooms would be an option. With it’s individual design but comfortable atmosphere you will feel just like at home. For more wellness you can visit the spa-area an the 4th floor, which provides a sauna and a quiet terrace facing the atrium. 

Families and true royals may choose one of the opulent luxury suites. Because of the separate living area, there’s even enough space for a small family.


The Dining experience



The NENI is one of the most beautiful and also instagramable spots in the city. The café is beautifully arranged with flowers and warm light - a lovely place to meet friends at a coffee and a New York cheesecake.


In the back of the deli, spreads the restaurant area, where also the breakfast buffet is served in the mornings. In a modern-oriental ambiance you can have lunch and dinner of the eastern mediterranean cuisine. Here you can eat the „Balagan“-way, which means to share many plates of different meals from the Israeli, Romanian, and Spanish cuisine with others. The atmosphere therefore is very casual and lively.


Boilerman bar

The ideal place to socialise and have a drink or two before going to the club is at the Boilerman bar on the 1st floor. It’s comfortable and the barkeeper serves excellent drinks. The stars here are definitely the Highballs.


Burger de Ville

A casual joint to eat is the Burger de Ville, where you can get one of the best burgers in the city. The home-made burgers are made from 100 percent black Angus beef. You can also enjoy variations of fries and a veggie burger with different sauces and dips, which are entirely without preservatives and artificial flavouring.


What else?

Even though, in my opinion the best way to explore a city, especially Munich is by foot, you have a lot of options at the 25 Hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian. First of all, the tram is directly at the hotel just like the suburban and trains. Secondly, the hotel provides a Schindelhauer bike rent, so you can make a ride through the english garden or at the Isar just like a real Munich citizen. And last but not least you also have the opportunity to rent a BMW-Mini at the hotel to get to your preferred destination.

25 Hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian

The 25 Hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian is the perfect accommodation for young, active people who love the modern way of living and traveling, but wish for a certain kind of luxury and comfort. It’s perfect for anyone who loves the modern Bavarian culture, also the Oktoberfest can easily be reached by foot or directly from the hotel by tram. People, who love to be in the centre of a city, to explore the highlights will love to stay at this amazing hotel.


In collaboration with 25 Hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian