The Ruby Lilly Munich


The Location

Located in Maxvorstadt at Stiglmaierplatz right opposite the famous Löwenbräukeller, the lean-luxury hotel is the perfect starting point to explore the Bavarian capital. You can easily reach the hotel by tram or subway or simply by foot from Munich central station.


The Check-in

The Ruby Lilly welcomes his guests in a black modern building with glass fronts to the ground floor. At night, the warm lights from the bar inside invite to enter the hotel. In fact on the ground floor there’s not much of a hotel feeling but a cozy café-living-room atmosphere. This is why it’s a popular meeting place for townspeople in the afternoon to have coffee and cake or a nice cocktail at the stylish bar in the evening.

Instead of a reception desk as you might expect, you can easily check in at the bar all by yourself. There’s a touchscreen computer, which generates the key to your room after login. Of course if you need help with anything, a friendly barkeeper will show you how everything works.


The Rooms

When you book your stay at the Ruby Lilly, you can choose between four different types of rooms. Basically the only difference between all of them is the space. The Lovely Room offers enough space for a couple and also guarantees a beautiful view over the city. All rooms are designed in collaboration with sleep scientists and artists to create that cozy feeling you get, when you enter the room. 

The philosophy behind the lean-luxury concept at the Ruby Hotels in general is that they were designed for a laid-back comfort. This means they consistently leave away unimportant things for a hotel that’s located in the middle of a city, such as a hotel-restaurant or room service to create an authentic hotel experience. Also by using IT where it makes sense they are able to pare down personnel, which in return you don’t have to pay when booking your stay. 

I very much liked this concept and felt comfortable from the very beginning. Never the less The Ruby Lilly provides his guests with anything they really need and wouldn’t want to miss, such as the great design of each room. Vintage furniture, dimmable lights, flatscreen TV, free WIFI, air-conditioning, oversized beds, oak-wood floors or the open glass rain-shower are essential in every room and make the stay uncomplicated luxuriously.


The Café & Bar

If you need a little snack or coffee, you can either go to the Galley (there’s one on every floor) where you can enjoy free hot drinks and snacks from the vending machine or simply visit the easy-going bar on the ground floor which is open 24/7 and where the barkeeper serves one of the best Moscow Mule in town.

The bar is also where in the morning the largely organic breakfast is served. Here, too they offer everything you want minus all the things you don’t need. The products on the buffet are from regional suppliers and small manufacturers and also vegans eat their fill here. The atmosphere is relaxed with a touch of nostalgia, if you take a look around. The design of Ruby Lilly focuses on Munichs film- and TV society from the 1970’s. If you never heard of Monaco Franze before, you will learn about him there ;) Even the naming of the hotel goes back to this guy. Lilly was the sweetheart during his childhood. 



What else?

Also if you feel like rocking, you can rent a guitar at the bar, or if you feel like reading, there’s a nice small library on the first floor. And if you want the perfect sundowner with a view over the city, all you need to do is climb up the rooftop terrace on the 7th floor and enjoy.


Why Ruby Lilly?

It’s no wonder, that The Ruby Lilly already won several awards for it’s concept and design and also got in first place for the „Most beautiful Hotels in Europe“ in category „Hotels under 100€“.

If you never been to Munich before and especially if you’re seeking a central, modern, convenient design-hotel to be the starting point for your city trip, I absolutely recommend this awesome location. And if you’re not staying for the night, at least make sure to come by for a drink or coffee. You won’t be sorry, I promise! Cheers!


In collaboration with The Ruby Lilly Hotel Munich