THE Soulmade

Hotel Garching

The Location

Located in Garching (the north of Munich) about 20 minutes to the city centre, the Soulmade Hotel is a one-of-a-kind quiet place to stay and live. Surrounded by parks, forests and must-go places like the Allianz Arena (one of the most beautiful soccer stadiums in the world) or Schleißheim Palace (with it’s court garden and castles) it’s the ideal accommodation for visitors and also citizens who need space and time to recreate.

It’s meant to feel like home - just somewhere else.

Therefore the atmosphere at the Soulmade Hotel Garching is very familiar and hearty. Just by entering the modern, warm complex everything feels so relaxed and easy.


The Hotel Experience

Depending on how long you want to stay, or how much space you need you can choose between Business or Superior Apartments with either a combined or separate living and sleeping area. Both are equipped with a kitchenette, which is perfect, if you want to stay for long spells.

The combination of natural wooden interior, and calming colours makes every room a homelike comfortable place to work, create, live and relax. Not only that they built the entire hotel out of wood, but the guiding theme around the hotel is sustainability where it makes sense.


Choose from a great breakfast buffet composed out of regional products. On the kitchen island you can not only have breakfast, but also prepare your own dinner together with friends, barbecue in summer on the huge terrace or join one of the cooking events on special themes.

All around the kitchen island lounge sofas, book shelves to the ceiling, a bar and an open fireplace are inviting to sit down and work, read and meet. The living room of the hotel can also perfectly be used for special events or entertainment.


The Couch Concerts at the Soulmade Hotel for example are regular events, where singers/songwriters or Dj’s present their music in this special atmosphere to the hotel guests and anyone who comes by. The evenings are cozy and full of hearty conversations with people you love and strangers. Everyone comes together for a good drink from the bar listening or dancing to great music and talking about what bothers them.

And at least since your first evening at the hotel you realise, why it’s called „soul-made“. It’s not an anonymous hotel but with one made with heart and soul. 

You can find a big part of the soul at the Emma Shop, the very own in-house store, that offers anything you might need in daily life. Carefully picked groceries like pasta or beverages from regional suppliers for the dinner in your serviced apartment, toothpaste and other cosmetics and unique souvenirs can be bought 24/7, so you have basically anything you need in one place. 

At breakfast and in the shop you pay directly, so the check-out will be fast and easy.


What else?

There’s also a so called Pavigym room, a special fitness floor, where you can do interactive functional workout as well as your Yoga or Pilates session. For it’s amazing design concept and sustainability, the Soulmade Hotel Garching won the German Brand Award 2018.


Why Soulmade Hotel Garching?


It’s probably one of the most unique accommodations in and around Munich to stay and explore the city and surrounding area. It’s perfect for families and people who are staying for longer than 7 days whether they’re on vacation or on a business trip. Separated from the hectic city centre and only a few steps away from numerous forests and parks it’s the ideal starting point for hiking, biking and beergarden visits. A hotel experience you may not miss, if you’re into modern design and down-to-earth concepts.


In collaboration with Soulmade Hotel Garching