The Westin Warsaw

800 kilometers away from Munich and located in the east of Poland Warsaw is the most eastern city I’ve visited so far. 

Dominik and I took the LOT flight from Munich on Friday morning. We only packed hand-baggage, so the check-in went quickly and without any incidents. After one and a half hours we landed at Fréderic Chopin Airport. We changed our Euro cash into Zloty and hailed a taxi to our hotel, which was located in the business center of Warsaw. It took about 20 minutes and cost us 50 Zloty (about 12 Euros converted) which is compared to Munich a very attractive price.

The Hotel

In this dynamic district, The Westin Warsaw escalades in between skyscrapers and wide roads. Inside the hotel it’s enjoyably silent. Entering the lobby, we were very warmly welcomed by the concierge and as our room was ready to move into, we got on the glass elevator to climb up the 16th floor. During our stay I more and more enjoyed the elevator rides.

When entering our room, we were overwhelmed. The Executive Room provides an intimate atmosphere, bathroom with separate bath and shower, an all-white heavenly bed and a magnificent view of the city. 

I could’ve stared out of the window for hours. As an extra sweet surprise the pastry chef left a chocolate tart with my name on it in our room. It really was the cutest welcome I ever had. 

Of course we couldn’t resist and nearly ate all the cake before we left the hotel for a little stroll through the neighborhood. We made a walk to probably the most recognizable landmark in Warsaw the Palace of Culture and Science

The 237 meter high building and the surrounding architecture create an amazing picture, where contemporary art and culture melt together. There’s also a big shopping mall and lots of cool restaurants and bars in this area.

The Fusion Restaurant

For dinner we wanted to test the Fusion Restaurant located on the ground floor of the lobby at The Westin Warsaw. The philosophy of fusion cuisine is to combine a variety of culinary traditions in one dish: The exotic cuisine of the Far East is melting with the elaborate dishes of the Western world. The restaurant won the Warsaw Insider magazine's 'Best of Warsaw' award for the best brunch in the city in 2010, so we didn’t want to miss the dining experience.

We didn’t make a reservation but still got a beautiful small table for two. Being at the restaurant on a Friday you can choose between eating from the fish market or the Menu. The fish market is a true feast for the eyes: A big buffet presenting exquisite appetizers, salad, oyster, fresh fish and traditional desserts. It all looked so delicious!

Never the less we chose to order something from the Menu.

With the Sushi Plate as a starter we made the best decision to start into the dining experience. We both love sushi and eat it often, but this was so much better, than what I usually get. As a main course I had Udon noodles with schrimp and Dominik had the Halibut with topinambur purée from the fish menu. Afterwards we shared a Trio Brûlée. Every single dish was a masterpiece for itself and a true culinary delight. If you stay in Warsaw, I would definitely recommend a visit at this special restaurant!

We ended the day in our amazing room with some room spa and city views. The concept of the hotel really is to slow things down and boost your positive energy so you could leave feeling better than when you arrived. This starts at the moment you enter the hotel. The heavenly bed and the sleep-well-menu are only a small part from what The Westin Warsaw offers, whether you’re on holiday or on a business trip.

In the morning for example we visited the Westin Club, an upscale location on the 19th floor in a bright and cozy atmosphere, where guests from Executive Rooms can enjoy breakfast, snacks and an amazing view over the city center. I loved to just sit there with some tea and relax. 

Because the weather was beautiful and the sun was shining that Saturday we planned a short trip to Wilanowski Park. Therefore The Westin Warsaw provided a BMW i3 electric car. With only a few introductions we were ready to go. The car has an incredible daily range of up to 124 miles which makes it just as practical as its petrol engine equivalent, but it’s a way greener option and an investment in the future. Also it comes with all the technology you need, such as park assistance and navigation. It was a very unique driving experience, and the best we could’ve chosen for a day trip.

After taking a long walk through the Wilanow Park we jumped back on the car deciding to  explore the Old Town of Warsaw before going to Munja Restaurant, which is right around the corner from the hotel to eat some crunchy squids.

The atmosphere there is modern and easy and reminded me on some American diner. On the menu you can find a unique blend of a unique of traditional Balkan and Mediterranean dishes. It was delicious and definitely worth the money, but on weekends and especially if you want to go there with a bunch of people I recommend to make a reservation, as we had to wait about 20 minutes to get a table for two.

Later that evening I took a long hot bath, cuddled myself up in the heavenly bed and seconds later fell asleep. We had a late check-out the next day, so we didn’t have to hurry in the morning to get our flight back to Munich

The concierge at the hotel made our stay uncomplicated and organized anything we needed, so we had a really good time at the hotel and in the city. I was stunned by the contrasts that come together in Warsaw and make this city such a lovely worth seeing capital. I hope to come back to this place soon and hopefully being able to enjoy the wonderful Warsaw view from The Westin again. Thanks so much for having us, welcoming us with open arms and making this weekend a short holiday for us.

In Collaboration with The Westin Warsaw

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