Oktoberfest Outfit:

Wiesn-Look without a Dirndl


I went to the Oktoberfest only one time this year, because to be honest with you I'm not much of a fan of this event. But on the last Tuesday the weather was so beautiful and in fact it was a holiday here in Germany, so Dominik convinced me to take a walk over the Theresienwiese and enjoy the last sun rays of this beautiful day. And so I went there without any Dirndl, which is actually a must have, but I always feel disguised in these dresses. Instead I tried to mix my own kind of Wiesn-Look by adapting different elements of the original Bavarian costume.

I chose a leather skirt in black because you know it's just my favorite color (and brown is not) and combined it with a romantic flower printed blouse, which is somehow a blending of the colorful aprons and the white blouses. What I love the most about this top are the trumped sleeves!

To make this look a little more edgy I wore some transparent black tights and platform shoes. During our short stay at the Oktoberfest I felt super comfortable and well-dressed. 

Don't be afraid to create your own kind of style even in times where you're supposed to dress a special way.